In Vest Ment

I worked on Phillip's Christmas vests on Saturday.  About 8 times.  First he came back prematurely from the grocery, forcing me to stuff both vests-in-progress into the china hutch.  Then he came back early from playing soccer in the park with Campbell ("I tried, mom, but HE got cold!"), causing me to stuff both vests-in-progress into the canned foods cabinet.  When he reappeared unexpectedly from folding the laundry (epic task calculated to occupy him until Spring), I knew my unbridled optimism had run afoul of the universe.  I crammed the vests-in-progress into the freezer, realizing there was simply no way the vests were going to happen.  Period.  Phillip was going to get (yet another) box of unsewn fabric pieces under the tree this year.

Sunday morning Phillip rose bright and early to spend the entire day with the fellas, watching the game.  Which I had known was his plan for some time, but totally forgot about.  So all that cat-and-mouse stuff the day before had been totally unnecessary.  In fact, I'd say there was a good chance Phillip figured out I was trying to be stealthy and kept popping up again just to mess with me.

So once Daddy ditched us on Sunday (good riddance), I was able to finish the vests.  After I defrosted them, of course.  Smallies modeled:

Later that night, I was starting my next project , doing what I do to figure things out, when Phillip burst out laughing and snatched up the camera:

Apparently it's hilarious that his wife, the knitwear designer, does not know how big her own forehead is.  Well, how else would I find out?

Rare Gems contest results next time, I promise!  Christmas knitters, take heart:  If I can pull it off, so can you.  Keep fighting the good fight.