Mischief Managed

First thing this morning at our house, Phillip was awakened by pounding:

Phillip:        (dubiously) Whatcha doin' there?

Me:            Project Management.
Phillip:       Oh.  Because to the untrained eye, a woman swinging a hammer might look like she's starting a project.
Me:            That's not what's happening here.  This is creating a project management system, so that I can stop the swirling of soup that is happening in my brain, each time I think of another thing I'm supposed to not forget.
Phillip:        Most people would use a spreadsheet.
Me:            Have you met most people?
Phillip:        Yes, and they cannot knit.
Me:            Precisely.  Nor can they manage projects.  At least not my projects, which are many, bizarre, and diverse.
Phillip:        (bemused) Carry on then.  But you do know you can buy calendars and such for this?
Me:            Those are for regular people.  Not Knitters.
Phillip:        I love the fact that for you, Project Management involves hand tools.

L A T E R . . . 

Me:             Look dear, it's finished!
Phillip:        Cool!  Can I have one too?
Me:            Yes, but not as cool as this one.
Phillip:        Why not?
Me:            Because you don't know how to knit.
Phillip:        Fair enough.

Rare Gems prizes get mailed tomorrow.  Congratulations, Martha from Billings, who correctly guessed which skein had her name on it!