Meanwhile, Back at Santa's Workshop

Last weekend I went to visit some friends, for a little knitting, a little spinning and an all-around weekend of fibery fun.  There *may* even have been some WEAVING involved, but I'm repudiating all knowledge.  I have a complicated and debilitating fear of weaving, so let's just say that plausible deniably is my best strategy, for the moment.

But when it was time to go home, Mother Nature intervened.  On the way to the train station, we stopped off here, (Really?  More yarn? Heck Yeah.) where I ran into another friend who was also bound home to Portland.  She mentioned that she'd heard about trouble with the train tracks in the town of Chehalis, WA.  Sure enough, a phone call confirmed that I would be staying put for a solid two more days.  The yarnies and I did a small dance of celebration, since it meant our fun could continue.  Good Old Mother Nature.  Leave it to Her to load the railroad tracks up with a foot and a half of mud, just when I needed a little more yarn-with-friends time. 

And for once, my delusional extremely optimistic packing of knitting supplies totally paid off.  I actually slammed out the remaining Weasley jumper, all except for setting the sleeves and stitching its monogram.  And then I got home, and all was well. 

Except for one small detail, which completely escaped me, until this morning.  Today is Friday, and the last day of school, before Christmas Vacation.  Which means...wait for it...I only have one last day to work in the open on all things Christmassy.  And by all things Christmassy, as of this morning, I meant three Weasley sleeves, two sets of Weasley shoulder buttons, and one Weasley Monogram.  No problem, I said.  I have all day.  Don't panic, I said.  There are still hours before anyone comes home.

And that's when I remembered that Phillip, who will also be home on vacation beginning tomorrow, still needs his Christmas present to be made.  That would be two tailored wool vests, which are not even a little bit sewn.  Craptastic.

So I hauled ass to embroider the monogram onto Campbell's sweater.  And yes, it did cross my mind that if I had knit in the letter intarsia-style, it would already have been on the sweater at this point. But of course, I might not have had sleeves or some other vital part, so second-guessing at that stage was really unproductive.  With the buttons on Cam's shoulder affixed, I started to feel that I might make it.  Which is naturally, when an Exciting Postal Adventure insinuated itself into my day.  I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say that it culminated in a December 17th Post Office Line.  I was really glad I had a sock to knit, but that digression did not get me any closer to Weasley completion.

Postal Mission Accomplished, I raced home to finish and block the other Weasley:

Which is precisely when its intended recipient called home to tell me she had somehow slammed her already sore wrist in her best friend's locker, and needed me to deliver her wrist brace to school for her.  On the way there, it occurred to me that I was lucky she didn't have to come home early.  That's right: Concern over getting my child's Christmas present done actually eclipsed my concern about her injury.  Mother. Of. The. Year.

I tore home from Lindsay's school at a fairly unreasonable speed and completed the blocking on both Jumpers:

I used the remaining 8 seconds before Phillip arrived home to hide all the sewing equipment I had dragged out but failed to use on the vest project.  I can't wait to see how I manage to sew two vests for him while he is in the house, without him noticing.  I still have high hopes though:  I'm stealthy, and he's oblivious.

Wish me luck.