Technical Difficulties

Didja Miss Me?

My Hard Drive Blew. And by Blew, I mean: Black Screen of Death, Hope your last 10 years of data were backed up. Contrary to my expectations, they were not. I may have gone fetal for a bit there. So nauseating to think of losing ALL my knitting work, but I didn't.

So that was exciting and time-consuming. Thankfully a Technicious Genius came to my rescue and saved my entire knitting careers' worth of work.

Meanwhile, I retreated to the relative safety of yarn:

Dicentra Designs has called upon me to make something special, for which Lisa created this delicious pile of lovliness. Holy Cats: wait till you knit with this! 

A gorgeous and sexy three-ply super-soft merino, with the perfect degree of twist to make it bouncy and sproingy. And that was before Lisa got hold of it to apply her color magic! Get a load of that color! If it looks as though it was lit from within and the blue has about a million shades layered over it, that's because your eyes are not fooling you. And there are 5 variations on this blue. And three greens, an aubergine, and a tomato red, just because. Yep, it's gonna be a kit. And I designed a sweater for it. Here's a preview:

I still have a Bee Problem. And I'm not sorry. Watch This Space.

What Size is your Addiction?

Here's the new Jane's Addiction sample, complete with buttons! Thank you, Gentle Readers, for your input and advice. It always helps to look at things with fresh eyes.

I've included my mom's genius modification, continuing the raglan cables down the sides. 

I'm working on the pattern for you, which always brings me to the same question: What/how many sizes do I create? When sizing a pattern, each individual size has its own measurements, stitch counts and ideosyncracies. So the more sizes offered, the more time and work is involved in the pattern, of course. I need to find the sweet spot between offering enough sizes to make the most knitters happy and working myself to bits unnecessarily.

In order to provide the most value for you, Gentle Readers, I've devised a little survey. If you'd like to knit your own Jane's Addiction, won't you take a minute to let me know how you'd like it?


To the many of you who have reached out to let me know you want this pattern, thank you so much for the great feedback, and for your patience as I put it together for you!

Button Auditions

Campbell fell off his friend's hoverboard last Friday night and has a concussion. He's confined to home with no screens, exercise or deep thoughts until further medical evaluation. Bizarrely, he declined to help me with the following, claiming a lack of interest. Obviously he has sustained some minor brain damage:

Here's the newly finished Jane's Addiction, drying on the blocking board. It's a great time to haul out the button collection and spend some quality time trying out candidates! What laundry/dishes/children-recuperating-from-concussions? My poor sweater is naked!

Contestant group 1: Antique black pressed glass with gold carnival glaze

Really beautiful buttons, but are they too small for the proportions of the sweater?

Contestant group 2: Antique red pressed glass with blue carnival glaze

Contestant group 3: Retro-looking rhinestones my sister picked out

Contestant group 4: Vaguely Nordic pewter. Nice size, a bit more subtle.

These are completely gorgeous. They actually read blue and gold against red.

The proportion is good, and they're pretty sassy. Jane would have loved these.

Contestant group 5: Tyrolean-ish pewter hearts. Sweet. Too sweet?

Okay, Gentle readers: Will you please help me out? Post a comment with a vote for your favorite! Unless you also have a concussion, in which case you are excused.