Wee Lass

Paisley has been my Supervisor and constant companion since she was born, in 2004. She has changed me, as best friends do, in ways I cannot measure.

She defined childhood for Lindsay and Campbell.

She introduced us to Bailey, and happily invited him to share her home and family.

She effortlessly taught us how to appreciate the best things: Snacks, Love, Companionship and what it means to belong to the Pack.

Paisley Color.jpg

She helped me through the writing of five (almost six) books about knitting. She said to tell you you're welcome.

Paisley Knitting.jpg

And she liked everything I like: Knitting, Snuggling, and being with the ones I love.

Last Sunday she refused to eat for the only time in her whole life. She moved stiffly and didn't want to go walkies. I stayed up all night with her. And in the wee hours of Monday morning, she sighed a big sigh and went to Heaven. Straight from my embrace to the arms of the angels. 

She never did learn how to "Stay".

When you love and lose a pet it feels like the best parts of you go with them. Like the lights will never come on again. And your heart is a little weaker along its fault lines.

Without Paisley here to tell us what we should do, all the Huffs are kind of wandering around and looking at each other. Morning walkies happen whenever they want, instead of on the strict schedule of Paisley's insistent squeak and wag. Six o'clock dinnertime arrives without anyone going "Aroo" to tell us to make with the kibbles, already. Ten PM comes and goes, and nobody reminds us about bedtime by loudly bouncing up the stairs.

We all keep looking for her in every corner. And the house is so very, very quiet. Bailey was never much of a talker, preferring to let Paisley sound off on his behalf. He is possibly the saddest of us all; without another dog for the first time in his life.

So we are leaning into the sorrow, the best way we know how. Holding each other close, and whispering to Paisley that we'll be with her again one day. Remembering all of the good and happy things she gave to us in her brief little life. And being thankful that we got to share it with her.