Delusional, As Usual

So there I was in the yarn store, because, you know, Tuesday. And I'm asking the nice lady, is there any hand dyed sportweight superwash in a soft gray for my brother-in-law's Christmas present. Sure, she says, right over here, etc etc and what are you making?

Oh, do you know the DeathFlake chart from Ravelry? Yes, she does. Well I'm making a hat for my BIL, who, though knitworthy, has somehow never received knitting from me.

I love, she says, that you are starting a stranded colorwork project four days before Christmas.

Sound of needle skipping off record.

Four days? I say.


Turns out there's this whole time limit notion around Christmas Knitting. 

Now I've knit on deadlines, like, A LOT. It seems like that experience would have informed my gift-giving decision regarding my BIL. But no. It did not. I literally did not consider, even briefly, the time available between my clever idea to knit a hat, and the day on which said hat would be required.

Nor did I consider, not even for a minute, that my Brother In Law, though very much a decent sort, is a non-knitter. A non-knitter for whom the presentation of a box of unknit yarn and a heartfelt promise would be confusing and bewildering.

So, intrusions of reality notwithstanding, I'm knitting it. What care I for the laws of time and space? Since when is a knitter of my calibre (*snort*) governed by the petty idiosyncrasies of the static universe?

Yeah, I know: Good Luck with that.

Like any cunning plan that begins with the phrase "Oh, I'll Just...", Operation Dread Pirate Jeffery has commenced, hand dyed gray yarn and all:

Ain't it swell? Dig that sexy Malabrigo Arryo in "VAA" in the background! And the gray one is Black Trillium "Little Mouse". These yarns are very friendly to each other, and to stranded colorwork, which is kind of unusual for superwash, but I'm not telling the yarn that. I'm loving this knit so much I kinda don't care how long it takes. I'm just gonna sit here under the Christmas tree, defiantly knitting, and denying completely that time is running out.

Watch this space.