Did you miss me? I checked out for a bit in order to acclimate to my new sideline. I'm calling it the "Supplemental Nocturnal Revenue Stream". Otherwise known as "My Night Job".

That's right, Gentle Readers: You're looking at the newest member of my local Semiconductor factory's night shift:

This is exactly what I look like when I make semiconductors. Pretty hot, right? Oh, and did I mention that I know how to make semiconductors? Well, I do. You're welcome. Think of me next time you fire up the backlight on your smartphone. Or you airplane takes off. I might have had a hand in it!

Don't worry; I won't let the exorbitant pay scale and luxurious hours go to my head. I'm only doing it a few nights a week. The rest of my time still belongs to you, Gentle Readers. And of course, to playing with string. I'm not a complete savage, after all.