Are We There Yet?

I "finished" my repurposed jacket project. Or did I?


I essentially fired my lace gun at it. I also replaced the dated buttons with new ones. They're hand-covered in Scott tartan.


I love the way the lace adds texture. It continues all the way around the back of the neck.

I added extra buttons to the cuffs, and trimmed them with more lace.

So it's so far, so good. But my question is, Am I done? Should I (for once) err on the side of restraint, or is something missing?

Originally, I wanted to add some elements of deconstruction, but the truth is, I lost my nerve. I loved the original jacket too much to tear it up. Especially since it was basically new when I found it.

I have a nagging feeling this is still a little too safe for me. It fails to conform to my "Nothing in Moderation" credo.  But what's missing? More texture? More colors? Something sparkly?

What say you, Gentle Readers? Please post a comment to share your advice!