Time to Let Go

Yesterday I sent my finished manuscript to my editor.  It was not unlike kicking one's offspring out of the nest.  Time to fly or fall, little book. Don't forget to Flap!

You know how when you finish a really terrific knitting project, you don't know what to do with yourself for a while?  Getting your life back from book writing is a lot like that.  I keep noticing gross chores around the house that nobody has done since I started the book, and thinking that now I don't have any excuse for not doing them.  Super-nasty ones, like cooking dinner.  

I gotta dream up a new project, STAT.

But since this is the third book I've written in 18 months, I'm going to take a wee break first, in order to recharge.  My family and I are invited to the lake for some R&R, which is most welcome. I'm looking forward to spending the last little bit of summer doing actual summertime things.

At least until I look down and realize there is no pile of wool in my lap.