Working a Little Magic

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was sniveling about not being able to knit for three whole days?  Everyone was so kind, offering get well wishes, and ideas for what I could do with myself to pass the time.  The one that really hit home for me was to sit down and design something new (duh!).  I didn't need my thumb for that (much), and more important, it reminded me that things could be worse.  Way worse.  I thought about how lucky I am that I still have my stash.  And my wheel.  And my library.  And (nearly) all my knitting needles.

I was reminded that our own dear Judith MacKenzie has lost all of those things.  I'm never very far from remembering what it feels like to lose one's work, and compared to that, a sore thumb is nothing.

So I determined to use my power for good.  I designed these for Judith:

Working 2.jpg

I had to wait for my hand to heal before I could knit them, and of course the thistle stole had to be finished first. But these funny little rabbits just insisted that I knit them, because I think they can help our friend. 

If you like them, Please CLICK HERE to download your copy of the pattern.  It's only $6, and I'll contribute the proceeds to the rebuilding effort for Judith's studio.  Please tell your knitting friends, too, because together we can help to replace some of what Judith has lost.  Together we can work magic.  Now get hopping.