Nice Work If You Can Get It

Don't cry for me, Gentle Readers.  I'm spending the weekend at the office:

I know, right?  This is the Grand Fir Lodge, at Suncadia.  I have known for months that I was going to go play with the knitters of Acorn Street, and that it was going to be someplace in the wilderness, in Washington State.  I've been aware that I would be teaching them colorwork, from toe to head (literally - we're starting with socks, ending with hats, and hitting everything possible in between).  And I've even been dimly cognizant that the resort was "super nice", in the words of my sister, who's heard of it.

But today, when it's time to pack up my yarn and hit the road, I realized that I still have no idea where it really is, or how to get there.  So naturally, I Googled it.  And only then, did I fully understand that I might just be


Can you believe this joint?  And I get to stay there for 4 days?  WHILE KNITTING?

I am suddenly cured of my self-pity over having missed both family vacations this summer due to book writing.  CURED, I tell you.

There are still a couple of slots available for this adventure, my friends.  So while this is very late notice, if you happen to be thinking "Golly, I'd like to just run away and knit all weekend..." (And who among us hasn't? Like, Hourly?) I hereby grant you permission:  Come hang out with us in the woods and knit!

I'll see you all in the salt mines.  I think we'll be able to tough it out.