Knitting in the Woods

Among the many surprises waiting for me last weekend at the Acorn Street knitting retreat was the next town over from the lodge: Roslyn, WA.  Yep, THAT Roslyn:

The knitters and I explored four different studies of Stranded Colorwork, in two days.  We worked with socks, mittens, steeks and hats.  It was a yarny whirlwind.

Every great breakfast spread includes a ball-winder, n'est-ce pas?

Nancy and Jeanette discussed the finer points after class.

Lisa relaxed between projects.

Casey, Elsa and Carla enjoyed their getaway together.

Nancy posed for me with Harry, with her wee stowaway.  (He's a Xoloitzcuintli -just say "sho-lo").

Everybody studied really hard, and made beautiful knitting, and even more beautiful friends.  And after that, we adjourned to the pub.  Yep.  THAT pub.