Advanced Studies

Now that I have twice as many head of dog at my house, certain fiscal realities have begun to sink in.  Whaddya MEAN that'll be $150???  Well you just ordered twice as much/many as before.  Right.  Math again. 

Turns out that this week, it's back to basics for me.  I have to learn to knit stripes.  And I have to learn to brush a dog.  Two skills I thought I had a passing acquaintance with.  Stripes, because I'm writing a book about knitting in color.  And brushing, because one of my dogs has probably never been to a groomer, and the other is having a series of bad hair days.  Neither are getting the outside attention of trained professionals, at this particular juncture.  It's all me, baby.  Did I mention that I don't even own a dog brush?  When one wants to brush a dual-coated, heretofore ungroomed, dog(or to make stripes in one's knitting), there is much more to know than one might think. 

Puts me in mind of when I first learned to knit (doesn't everything?).  Learning the steps, practicing, and repeating them ad nauseam, will ultimately make them automatic and skillful.  Or so I'm lead to understand.  Fluffing the fur, or making jogless rounds, it's pretty much the same:  Practice makes perfect.

As I reinvent both the grooming, and the knitting wheels, I'd like to ask you all for more fodder.  Needing to know something usually leads me on an exciting journey of research and experimentation.  Not necessarily in that order.  So it stands to reason that if you ask me some questions that I have to go find the answers to, we'll all be smarter afterwards, No?

What have you always wanted to know about knitting?

Send me your questions, no matter how esoteric or bizarre, and I promise to answer them on Friday.  Bring it on, my friends.  Here's your chance to make me a genius.  Ask the knitter (or the groomer, for that matter), and I'll get you an answer.  It might be one I made up, but it will BE an answer, and I promise to be accountable for it.  And by accountable, you may understand that I know most of you have my business card, with my address on it.  And if I lead you astray, I fully expect the whole flaming-torch-and-pitchfork mob to appear at my door.  After all, it's what we knitters do. 

So please ask your questions, and I will find what I hope to be a useful answer. 
Let's learn together.  I'm game, if you are!