(Un) Intentional Spinner

So there I was, minding my own business, dutifully finishing a button band so that I might move on to a swell blue hat, when the FedEx man came, bearing an unusually large box.  Thinking that it was probably the deeply anticipated sock yarn in 12 colors for the book I am making, I tore right into it.  One of the best things about my job:  Christmas every time the post arrives.  Instead of sock yarn, it was this:

Over THREE POUNDS of exquisite Cormo fleece, courtesy of my pal Carson.  He picked it out for me last year, and then, in a stunningly bold move, sent it OUT for processing.

That's right:  The fellow who hoodwinked me, first into spinning, and then into buying a whole raw fleece, and then another whole raw fleece, defied the Gods of DIY by sending this out for the heavy lifting of processing into roving.  And let me tell you:  This is without a doubt, the most luxurious spinning experience I have ever had.  

I couldn't possibly be expected to concern myself with making a living knitting swell blue hats when THIS was sitting right in the foyer, now could I?  I DID finish the button band, after all.  And then I declared a day off for playing with floofy stuff.  My boss is a hardass, but even she can tell when a mental health day is in order.  

And I made this.  Plus another one, just like it.  I think there will be a third, before I ply, and after that, who knows?  I was toying with the idea of a dyeing project...but on the other hand, who am I to decide that the color God made it isn't good enough?  Lots of time to decide, though - did I mention it's THREE POUNDS of fleece?  I never met Gina the Sheep, but let me tell you, she grows a quality product.  So luminous.  So soft that you almost can't feel it.  And pin-drafting, though a whole new experience for me, is my new best thing.  The roving is so open, and so consistient - pretty much spins itself.  Absolute nirvana.  Totally worth playing hooky for.

And best of all?  Carson bought the fleece from this sheep's sister for himself.  There will be two sweaters from two sheep, for two friends!  If, that is, Carson's mean boss will give him a day off to spin.  His boss is a total slave driver; Never lets him have any fun. 

I'm glad I slacked off for a day (she said defiantly, though wracked with guilt)!  I'd do it all over again!  Really soon, even.  Today's looking pretty good...