Three Days, Three Things

Thing One:  Last Thursday, I had the great good fortune to meet the members of the Tigard Knitting Guild.  Of the 100 or so who turned out, here are the half that would fit in my camera.  We talked about knitting, and colorwork, and math, and the fact that I sometimes don't know what day it is.  They liked me in spite of my calendar-challenged nature, which tells me that they are not only a delightful gang of knitters; they may have experienced the occasional Time Pleat, themselves.

Thing Two:  On Friday, my mom (who's visiting us) and I set out to visit a yarn store I had never been to.  At the beginning of our journey, my car's tire looked like this:

See how it's nice and round, even at the bottom?  This is the desired state of things,  But that's not what it looked like when we arrived at the yarn store.  Instead, thanks to an ill-placed nail, my poor tire looked exactly like this, but much, much flatter on one side.  So think about it:  I was actually stranded at the yarn store:

I had plenty of time, while I waited for the tire rescue gentleman, to ponder the ramifications of being trapped at the yarn store.  And while the scenario was certainly a dangerous one, financially speaking, it was also, I'm guessing, every knitter's fantasy.  That's right: indefinite time, in a place filled with nice people, and more yarn than I could knit in several days.  Too bad my cell phone worked when I called the tire guy.  He did, eventually show up, and fixed my tire.  Which was the only bleak moment in the whole situation.  Once my tire was round again, Mom and I were able to move on to

Thing Three:  My mom really loves the handspun hat I made her last year.  And by loves, I mean she all but sleeps in it.  Which is fine, in my opinion.  I hope that when I reach the sassy age of 77, I can wear my favorite hat all the time without anybody bugging me about it.  Even if it has feathers on it, which I'm guessing it will.  However, Mom's hat has a decidedly wintry feel about it, which might be less well-suited to spring wearing than she would like.  Frankly, she doesn't care about this at all, but my sisters and I worry that people might think we aren't taking good care of her if her wardrobe crossed over from "Adorable Grammy" to "Hobo Chic".  So I took it upon myself to make her a spring hat that she will like as well as the winter one:

It's made of Sublime Soya Cotton DK, which is super soft, drapey, and decidedly non-wintry.  But a stand-in for the favorite is a tall order, even for me.  Stay tuned...