Soy Beanie

Mom and I went to visit a friend who was convalescing after minor surgery.  We stuck around for a few days to help with the heavy lifting (you know how heavy crates of beer can be), and while we were there, I finished Mom's new spring hat:

We'll see if this one stands up to the Grammy Test:  Can it be worn to lunch with the ladies, home through a monsoon, and then slept in during the afternoon nap without discernible consequence?Only time will tell, but I feel that I've done my part.  Ain't she sassy? 

In unrelated news, I paid off my car loan on Tuesday, and smugly got behind the wheel for the road trip with Mom.  The Check Engine light came on immediately.  Which can only mean my theory has been proven:  Somewhere at the bank who held my car loan, there is a lever which they throw, the minute the loan is paid off.  This action alerts the auto manufacturer to send a signal to the car's catalytic converter/radiator/flux capacitor, which in turn fries key engine components, using an untraceable combination of high voltage and bad Ju-Ju.  The Check Engine light then illuminates, causing the driver to proceed directly to the service department, where she parts with all of her yarn money to repair her newly owned, and newly broken automobile.

And in case that wasn't enough to harsh my mellow, the car guys at the garage think that the car guys at the tire joint (last week when the tire was flat) failed to notice that my alignment is jacked up and my tires are worn out.

I'm changing my car's name to Lucky.