My Red Sweater

This is a red sweater.  The red part has not been made yet, but it's all up here in the cranial attic, poised to come out onto the needles.  I'm not sure if I was really anticipating how wide the lower border would be, but once I had all those killer kool-aid colors, I wasn't about to leave any out.  My favorite is the swimming-pool blue (Kool-Aid flavor "Berry Blue" x 2, plus a tiny dash of "Grape" for depth). 

I am in love with this yarn to a degree that borders on unreasonable.  It is so wicked, so sproing-y, so affordable!  I have begun to fear that it will be discontinued, just because its wonderfulosity might offend the knitting gods, causing them to smite it down in a fit of jealousy.  Or else maybe I'm just a spaz.  Probably that.  It's made in Turkey, you get it from, where it is nearly always on sale, and each skein has like a jillion yards.  The availability of the colors varies greatly, so I am thinking I will have to start checking more regularly in order to truly hoard it properly...

Honest though, The Dala Horse Sweater will be substantially more red when you see it next, because I'm fixing to launch into some serious Dala Horsiness.  Dala Horsing Around.  Looking a Gift Dala Horse in the Mouth.  Beating a Dead Dala Horse.  You get the idea.