Still Life with Yarn and Fauna

For the last couple of days I've been trying to decide on a color palette for each of the stitch dictionary segments in my book.  I keep spreading out the yarn on top of the bed (the only actual clear surface in my home at the moment).

I'm smitten with the way the yarn looks on top of the whitework quilt.  As is MacTarnahan, though you have to look closely to register his enthusiasm:

But of course, people keep needing to get IN the bed, messing up my swell arrangement.  So every night I've relocated the color wheel to the top of the low bookcase that lives at the end of the bed.  This morning Phillip had a root canal, necessitating an unscheduled bed occupation, and further delay in reassembling the yarn wheel.  Bother.  I turned around after getting dressed, and was greeted by:

Bailey, who has clearly found his place in the color progression, Paisley, still thinking it over, and Mac, who remains categorically unconcerned.  That's Phillip, writhing in agony under the pile of pets.  Don't worry - the pain meds knocked him out right after this.

Just another day in Paradise.

Oh, and speaking of Paradise, for those who asked; the picture of the galley slaves rowing in Monday's post is from "Ben Hur", starring Charleton Heston.  Thanks for noticing.