You might not believe this, but it's been suggested (more than once, actually, and sort of loudly) that I should Tweet. 

Before I succumb to such a flight of fancy, I'd like you, Gentle Readers, to weigh in.  See, my fear is that I will become one of those innocuous blatherers of insignificant non-news whom we all loathe and fear (like the members of Congress).  "Buying shoes!" is just not newsworthy to anyone but the person selling me Danskos, no matter what the Twitter people would like us all to believe. 

If I should agree to such madness (lesser ideas have gained me much, such as "why don't you start a blog?" and "you should write a book!"so I'm open to the possibilities), I'd like to know if any of you are interested in hearing from me in the short and sudden format?  The good side is that however unimportant, my missives are guaranteed to be short.  Kindly weigh in, dear friends.  Would you enjoy the odd update, between posts?

Chirp Chirp.