On the Road Again

Greetings from the Relentless Atomic Knitting Book And Teaching Tour!

On Tuesday I met the Snohomish Knitters Guild,

Led by the Unsinkable Charisa Martin Cairn:

Who, in addition to rocking this sassy "Worldwide Knit In Public Day " apron, rallied her happy troops to attend that event, the Seattle Mariners Stitch and Pitch, and their very own first-ever knitting and eating retreat.  This lady does more before breakfast than most people do in a day, God bless her.  And the knitters are fearless, in the finest sense of the word.  Their show-and-tell parade was a mile long, and included everything from cables to colorwork to lace.  I want to be them when I grow up. 

And speaking of lace:

I've been working on the shawl - I think it is starting to look a little bit shawly!  I may cautiously state that I am getting the hang of the lace (Universe, please smite me not), but I still have to lock myself in a room and concentrate HARD to work on it.

And the Rare Gems cardigan has received one sleeve (three times, first two wrong, natch), and part of another.  Totally unreasonable goal # 512: Wear it to class on Saturday.  Which is today.  What could possibly go wrong? 

Last night I got to hang out with the knitters at Village Yarn and Tea , who threw a special Knit Nite, just for me.  Can you believe that?  I am nearly dying of honor.

Today we are going to knit some mittens together, which is about the most fun I know how to have, legally.  Best of all, my talented and beautiful niece, Katy, will be in my class.  As ever, I'm the most blessed and lucky knitter in the world.

Tonight after class I'm going home, to the Smallies, the Dog, and the Husband-Who-Lives-In-The-Garage.  Things are looking up for his eventual forgiveness:  I ordered a new fleece.  Many thanks for the love and concern of those who feel my pain, and wish for his continued survival.