All in the Family

The more knitters I meet, the more knitters I love.  Last weekend I had the great good fortune to meet the owners and patrons of Purlescence Yarns , In beautiful Sunnyvale, CA.  And when I say "meet", it's more like "be assimilated into the collective".  These people know how to administer the daily dose of fiber.  Here they are in their native habitat, "The Living Room":

Note the presence of all the essentials in the living room:  Comfy chairs (all different sizes for all different knitters), laptops, water bottles, and tissue, in case anybody laughs so hard they spew.  Yes, it could happen here.

All ages are welcome in the Living Room.  All experience levels, and all degrees of commitment.  Purlescence is a place where everybody knows your name.

My new friends at Purlescence fed me beautiful food, regaled me with hilarious anecdotes, and let me touch ALL their yarn.  They knit, they spin, they weave, they teach, they design, and most of all, they love.  Nathania, Sandy and Kaye, together with their families, reach out to connect with everyone they meet.

That's so much more than a Local Yarn Shop.  That's Family.

Stop by and get assimilated next time you're in the neighborhood.