So there I was, having the time of my life with my two sisters, who only improved the situation by also having the times of their lives, when the weekend came to a screeching halt and Monday reared its ugly head.  Strange how sometimes a little time away can feel like a month off on vacation, and other times many days off in a row do nothing to give one a break. 

Re-entry is of course, what happens to objects which have been in orbit and then must come back into contact with the atmosphere.  It is also what happens to people who go on weekend motorcycle adventures with their sisters and then have to go back to the office on Monday.  The process is invasive, inflammatory, and generally a sucky transition from one plane of existence and frame of reference to an entirely different one.  Common symptoms include jet lag, hangover, disorientation, disillusionment, financial strain and criminal record.  In this case, my only complaints are disorientation and disillusionment, but it's enough to really stink up my attitude. 

The other problem might be self-fulfilling prophesy:  I took a day off from knitting and now I don't feel like working on it anymore.  I was so afraid to give myself a break, and now I know why.  I was afraid I wouldn't feel like starting again.  So in the interest of self-motivation, I will list all the great reasons I can think of to get back to work:

1.        Knitting is an excellent excuse not to do laundry.
2.        The weather is not miserably hot today, so sitting under the project will not hurt a bit.
3.        My lovely DH will be preparing our evening meal (as he has done all summer) so that I can work.
4.        Knitting does not require any more physical strain than say, beer-drinking, and is far more productive.
5.        Failure to meet my publishers deadline will result in extreme embarrassment and lack of cash.
6.        I am making a sweater, not mapping the human genome.  It's not that challenging, for pity's sake.

Okay, I think that was helpful.  Except for the part where I reminded myself about beer-drinking...