Whoop. There it is.


Phillip's bronchitis-not-pneumonia is neither. It's bad old-fashioned Whooping Cough. We figured it out in the middle of his third week, when the actual Whooping started. The sound is indescribable: somewhere between a Native American war cry and a Rebel Yell. Definitely guaranteed to strike fear in the hearts of the brave. Lucky for the rest of us Huffs, we got antibiotics in time, and are just plain old sick. So far, anyway, knock on wood. And yes, if you are wondering, all of us have been immunized.

*Begin rant/gross description* We'd like to extend a big thank you to those who are choosing not to immunize their children for this new and more-virulent strain. The flock is only safe when ALL members are inoculated. As a public school teacher, my husband stands every day in the biological cross hares, waiting for a direct hit. 

Phillip has 3 cracked ribs and innumerable broken blood vessels in his eyes and face. A coughing attack lasts as long as 10 minutes, during which oxygen intake is severely compromised. The attack only stops when stomach and lung contents are violently expelled, and the sudden intake of air produces a high-pitched screaming gasp. Less of a "whoop" than a "shriek". And this is in an otherwise fit, healthy adult man. Can you imagine watching this happen to a helpless infant? Who may not be strong enough to survive it? When you could have prevented it?

Whatever your views on childhood immunization, I want to remind everyone of this: an autistic child is still ALIVE, and drowning in your own fluids is an unspeakable thing to inflict on anyone too small to choose for themselves. *End rant/grossness*

The FLAK swatches are piling up, almost as fast as the crumpled tissues. I think I've just about landed on the right combination of cables. The only question now is, what happens when you knit them from the top down? Do I just flip my chart upside down, and hope for the best? I'll let you know what happens, provided the antihistamines hold out. 

How are your swatches?