By Any Other Name

A while back, I promised to reveal the name of my upcoming book, as soon as I was sure it wouldn't be changing (again).  I am pleased to announce that today is that day:

While it won't be in stores until the end of October, it can be pre-ordered here

It is my hope that reading my book will be like a visit into my imagination, for those brave souls willing to stop by.  Inside it are twenty designs that I made up, based on things I saw, thought about, or had feelings for.  There is also a collection of information that I have accumulated through trial, error, learning and teaching.  I have done everything I could think of to make it interesting, accessible, and inspiring.  There is also a bangin' cast on & bind off that I promise you have never seen before and will love.

To all of you who have listened to me rant/brag/snivel/navel-gaze through the process of getting my first book to print, I offer my sincere gratitude.  Without your support, I could never have made it. 

I can't wait to see what the knitters do with it!