Finding Neutral

The depth and breadth of my own naiveté never ceases to amaze me.  I really thought that this week would be no big deal.  Turns out that even when I see the headlights, I sometimes fail to notice that I'm about to be hit by a truck.

Simply put, it's been a bugger of a week.  I was thinking late last night that I finally feel back on center and ready to tackle the jobs before me when it came to me that this was THURSDAY, and the jobs before me have actually been there since MONDAY.  It's taken that long to quit grinding my gears and begin at the beginning.

But I guess that's just the way it goes:   Not everything you do can be your very best, any more than every attempt can fail.  Knowing this does not keep me from being hit upside the head by it, however.

By way of self-reassurance, I will now enumerate the week's accomplishments (some of these belong to Phillip, whose week also chewed him up and spit him out):

1.  Finished AND POSTED Faery Ring pattern, at long last.  It feels like I have been working on it since Thanksgiving.  Which I have.  Marilyn King of Black Water Abbey Yarns, who was kind enough to provide the gorgeous yarn, also likes it, and has plans to spread a few copies around.  Yay.  (Get yours on my homepage, and tell a friend if you like it).

2.  Delivered the elder offspring to not one but two ice-skating lessons in one week, a new personal parenting best, which almost compensates for missing the fact that there was no school on Monday and leaving both children waiting for a bus destined never to arrive.

3.  Successfully attended first Cub Scout meeting with the younger offspring, on only the third attempt.  Offspring pronouncing it cool = Bonus Points for Dad, who also felt really bad about the bus thing.

There may have been other achievements, but I can't remember anymore.  I'm just so happy to see the back of the last few days. 

So even though it's Friday, I'm going to treat this day like it's a whole new beginning.  There's a birthday party to plan, about 23 loads of laundry to do, a bunch of bills to pay, and oh yeah, a WHOLE BOOK TO REWRITE (*me not panicking*).  I'm SO going to buy wine on the way home tonight.  And maybe some Qiviut yarn, too.