The Next Big Thing

Stick a fork in the spotted sweater:  It's done.  Won't say I'm sorry to see it bound off, either.  Enough's enough with that yarn and that design (2 just alike in a row is a substantially less-good idea than it seems).

And so another honeymoon begins:  This is from Harrisville, whose mill has been producing wool yarn since 1794.  How cool is that?  I love that I can take part in a little history by supporting them.  And the yarn is dreamy too - sticky, evenly spun 2-ply in the kind of super-saturated colors that call to mind your first box of pointy new crayons.  True Love.

A little birdy told me...(okay, it was 20 repeats of a little birdy)  Did I mention this thing is BIG?  It's been a while since I made anything Man-Sized, and I'm beginning to remember why:  More sweater = slower progress = DUH.  More's the woe for DH.  Fortunately, he doesn't complain.  He must not realize that he is underprivileged, owning only one (1) handknit made by his wife.  And that one isn't even my own design - it's someone else's pattern that I wish I had come up with.

Expanded View:  Expansive Sweater.

I am digging this motif, and the dream yarn?  Well some yarn just knows what it wants to be, and seems to get there with or without me, which is a welcome relief from what I now realize was kind of a battle to the finish line on that last project.  Guess I just had to push through the wall.  Now that I'm on the other side, I am really enjoying knitting.  I especially love this part of every project:  I have already figured out how many stitches there are in the body, and I don't have to do any more math until waaaaaay up at the shoulders.  I can just relax and work on it without thinking (for now) about how someone else will be able to reproduce it.  That part is fun, too, but I can wait.

Here's to the peace of closure, the smugness of completion, and the romance of the new.