I stumbled upon this hilarious cartoon!  It was made by one of my students, after attending 2 my Strings = Not Scary class. Enjoy!

Iv'e always wanted to know what I would look like as a Velociraptor.

Are We There Yet?

I "finished" my repurposed jacket project. Or did I?


I essentially fired my lace gun at it. I also replaced the dated buttons with new ones. They're hand-covered in Scott tartan.


I love the way the lace adds texture. It continues all the way around the back of the neck.

I added extra buttons to the cuffs, and trimmed them with more lace.

So it's so far, so good. But my question is, Am I done? Should I (for once) err on the side of restraint, or is something missing?

Originally, I wanted to add some elements of deconstruction, but the truth is, I lost my nerve. I loved the original jacket too much to tear it up. Especially since it was basically new when I found it.

I have a nagging feeling this is still a little too safe for me. It fails to conform to my "Nothing in Moderation" credo.  But what's missing? More texture? More colors? Something sparkly?

What say you, Gentle Readers? Please post a comment to share your advice!

Finding a (Re)Purpose

It all started last week when a sweater I designed beat me up and took my lunch money. I felt so betrayed. If this sweater were human, it would be the teenager who steals your car keys and takes a joyride. You love and nurture a design, and then it stomps all over your heart by being the wrong size and having a crooked collar that you have to take off and re-sew four (4!) times. Ungrateful brat.

But rather than let it get me down, I decided a change of pace is in order. I'm going to sew something. When I was in San Francisco this spring, I saw incredible work by Ghetto Goldilocks, who makes all of her pieces from repurposed clothes. My particular favorites are her jackets and vests, made from deconstructed menswear:


I haven't been able to get these pieces out of my mind. So much so that I started curating a Pinterest board on the subject. That's where I discovered Bella Sisters, a company located in my very own town. Also one-of-a-kind, and also up-cycled, the Bella pieces have a completely different aesthetic:

I'm so taken with the idea of repurposing a jacket that I did a little e-baying. For the low, low price of $7, I scored this adorable, possibly unworn (pockets still basted closed) Pendleton piece, and it fits me perfectly. 

Isn't it so deliciously 1990's? Lindsay saw me try it on and said "Hey Mom, Dana Scully called. She wants her jacket back":


She's not wrong (also, I should be so lucky).

I think I know what direction I'm headed with my makeover, but I thought it would be fun to poll the blog: What would you do to upcycle/repurpose this jacket? New buttons, to start with. Applique? Embroidery? Lace? Share your visions with me in the comments, Gentle Readers. Or even better, hit up the thrift store, grab your own buried treasure, and  repurpose-along with me!