Birds Of A Feather

Last Thursday, the TKGA Knit and Crochet show rolled into town, and I was there to greet it.

Anybody know where I could get some YARN around here?  Of course, there was Full-Contact Shopping:

Schmoozing with the Knitteratti:

This is the lovely and talented Joan McGowan Michael, whose Ruby sweater is next in line for me to knit, as soon as I'm allowed to work on anything that isn't for the book...I have fond hopes of wearing Ruby with my kilt for Christmas.  Anybody wanna KAL?

Here's my new pal Carson, who is also working on the Master Knitter Program, and is at roughly the same point as I am.  Carson is on temporary Master Knitter sabbatical so he can write his book (I won't spoil the surprise, but you will LOVE it, and the knitters of the world need it BADLY).  Check back here for updates until his website is up.

Lindsay and I were in a fashion show, I acquired lite-up needles, and there was hardly any bloodshed (unless you count Continental Knitting, which I do not).

I took classes with Joyce Renee Wyatt, Melissa Leapman, Nancie Wiseman, Arenda Holladay, Janet Szabo, Candace Eisner-Strick, and Annie Modesitt.  Whew!  I am way smarter now, although I don't look any different.

I have never had so much fun, and I can't wait to do it again.