Unrequited, So Far

Last year at TKGA I fell in love with a book I cannot read.  
There are plenty of books in the world which I can read, but none of them contain this:

photo by Ishi, Ravelry.com

photo by Ishi, Ravelry.com

So naturally, the book that I cannot read was snapped up by someone more decisive (or perhaps more Japanese) than me before I went back to get it, and I have been haunted by this homage to the mighty oak ever since. 

And by "haunted", I mean more like "plagued", because not only did I fall deeply in love with this design, but I also am reminded every time I think of it that I let it get away.  There I was, perfectly ready to plunk down the grocery money on the book I cannot read, when the bitter and gloating Troll of Practicality (droning harbinger of all things mundane) landed on my shoulder and suggested that my children would appreciate milk and bread more than me showing them the pictures in the book I cannot read.  They are understanding of my yarn habit, but probably would draw the line at being asked to give up their Froot Loops for it.

Flash forward to Madrona this year, where I met the inimitable KT, and her dear pal Lisa, both of whom are planning to knit this sweater.  They found a teacher and everything.  We are having our own KAL, and my oak leaf dreams are going to come true!  I even found the book again here, and  happily forked over all my yen to procure it.  Now all I have to do is convince the children that Froot Loops are overrated.