Achieving Closure

Acieving Closure.jpg

Well, I did finish the knitting, but only got one sleeve set in before 2009 crept up on me.  I did set the other one yesterday, so now it's just button loops and a tassel between me and the end.  I'm so pleased to be beginning the new year with the Faery Ring all buttoned up.  Today I will edit the pattern, and should have it available to you all by the end of next week.

Our New Year celebration was without incident, which is a pretty great thing to be able to say about any celebration.  Old friends were toasted, revels were reveled, and even a bit of dancing at the ball was done before we all turned back into pumpkins.

As soon as I get the Faery Ring pattern posted, I'm going to pick up the Lilac-y Vest again.  That yarn makes me think there isn't much wrong with the world that a little cashmere couldn't solve.  Peace, Love & Cashmere:  There are no greater wishes.