Got one or two things on my plate at the moment, all of which seem to have competing due dates.  First was Campbell's 7th birthday, which we spent the whole weekend celebrating:

Too bad he doesn't much like his new bike. 

Then I worked on this Knit Picks project, which is going to appear in the February 09 catalog:

And of course, there are book projects, which are always expanding to fit the time I have alloted for them...

This one is only 3 days behind schedule, so it's possible I may be gaining momentum, but just as likely that I am delusional from cold medicine. 

Did I mention that school has started?  That means that between my job at the hospital (germ pit) Phillip's teaching at the high school (bacterial cesspool + teenagers = gross), and the smallies at elementary school (only marginally more sanitary than landfill) our house becomes a miniature Calcutta every fall.  I can't believe any of us ever sees a well day, if exposure has anything to do with sickness.

So that's all the news that's fit to print, and some that really isn't.  I gotta buy more tissue.