Sheepy: Selbu-Baaa-Ter

Remember when I made these mittens for the Knitter's Review Retreat?

Sheepy 1.jpg
Sheepy 2.jpg

Well, the exclusive design clock has finally wound down, which means everybody can have the pattern now!  CLICK HERE to get yours.


This week I'm knitting slippers and a dragon scarf.  Then I'm packing my bags for Littleton, CO, where I'll be playing with the knitters at A Knitted Peace.  


We'll be Knitting Behind the Wheel, Learning stranded colorwork, and planning ahead for a fabulous finish in the "Start to Finish" workshop.  Come over to play with us, if you're in the neighborhood!


Next weekend I'm at Happy Knits, my very own LYS, for 2 Strands=Not Scary.  And then it's almost Thanksgiving, already.  Time really does fly when you're having fun!




Here are the mittens I designed for the Knitters Review Retreat next November:

Selbu-Baaa-Ter 1.jpg

This is what it would look like if a sheep wore a Norwegian sweater.

Selbu-Baaa-Ter 2.jpg

Yes, the sheep are wearing actual little brass bells, and No, I do not have any self control.  At All.

Knitters in my "Sassy Selbuvotter" class at the retreat will get a kit with the yarn, pattern, and even the wee little bells.  Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in five super-sexy colors.  I may actually have tickled myself to death this time. 

Registration for the retreat begins on August 3.  CLICK HERE for more information.