My Summer, So Far (part 5)

Three days after the shooting at Lindsay's school, I hit the road (air?) again.  For those keeping score, that's:

  • A broken finger and my hand in a cast
  • Massive sunburn from the Parking Lot
  • Intense angst at leaving my family so soon after trauma
  • My third teaching trip in as many weeks
  • A book in progress, whose deadline I was ignoring every time I left home

Was I feeling my absolute, emotional and physical best?  Perhaps no.

Did the fiber artists of Moscow, ID extend the warmest welcome I've ever heard of?  

Heck Yeah:

The historic  Kenworthy , where they let me speechify

The historic Kenworthy, where they let me speechify

Never, in my wildest imagination, would I have thought of having my name in lights on a real live movie marquee.  

Maybe it went to my head a little, but after the initial nervousness of giving the speech was behind me, I really did feel like a rockstar.  I had so much fun with the knitters in class, and made so many new friends.  They have no idea how badly I needed to be with them that weekend (neither did I, until I got there).

Thank you so much, to Shelley Stone of the Yarn Underground, and all my fellow Palouse Fiber Arts Festival teachers and students.  I am so delighted to be a part of your community.  

All the Fiber Fest teachers

All the Fiber Fest teachers

Visit Shelley HERE, and tell her I sent you!