Warm Hands, Warm Hearts

Some of you will remember from taking my Selbuvotter classes that this is the sample I present as the Quintessential Norwegian mitten. 

Those who attend my Sassy Selbuvotter class get a different pattern, but a few of my 50 New Best Friends from the Knitters Review Retreat asked if they could have this one, as well. 

I thought I'd put it up on Ravelry for them, and anybody else who's in the mood for a little warm-hearted knitting.  Click HERE to get it!

When given as gifts, Selbuvotter traditionally incorporate symbols meant to impart special sentiments to the wearer.  This pair include:
        Selburoses for luck and protection
        Hearts for love and courage
        Crosses for faith and humility
        Nets for protection and prosperity

Those are my wishes for you, Gentle Readers.  Feel free to pass them on!