Mary Had A Little Lamb

Some of you may remember my dismay this spring when, as I was nearing the finish line for getting my first-ever fleece processed and spun, my husband threw it away.  And by "dismay", I mean abject histrionics.

In an effort to restore my Fleece Peace, I purchased a new one.  This time it's the first shearing from a Coopworth lamb, named Gigi. 

There are about 4 pounds of her, before processing:

This is the shot that shows why I fell in love with Gigi:

So crimpy! So luminous!  And not even washed yet!  I can hardly stand it.  I decided to make string while the sun shines.  I started by washing it lock by lock, same as I did for Caora Dubh.  I'm not sure this is the best way to handle the washing for this fleece though, because while it works really well, it's just so time consuming.  My limited (nonexistent) tools dictate that a worsted preparation (keeping the lock formation) would be best, but maybe this fleece shouldn't be spun worsted-style? 

Kindly weigh in, Gentle Readers?  If you have been down this road before, I bet you won't hesitate to set me straight.

In the meantime, here is one thing I will definitely be doing differently than last time:

This is the bag Gigi will be living in until I have her safely spun up.