Felt Like It

This has been a big week of all things hatty, here in my corner of the living room.  I got a little crazy playing with felt, and decided I'd try doing it by hand, just to say I'd done it once.  First I made some flower parts, after looking at pictures of Japanese Anemones.

Felt 1.jpg

I quickly lost patience during my first attempt, with hot water in the bathroom sink.  It didn't seem like I was quite cooking with gas.  So I boiled some water in my tea kettle and rigged up a potato masher/measuring pitcher contraption that really did the deed:

I got this pitcher thingy in 1992, and even though I accidentally melted the bottom so it no longer sits level, I can't bring myself to get rid of it.  This is only the latest of many bizarre and useful applications I have found for it.  Tupperware is still making them, so I guess I'm not alone in loving a strange piece of plastic.

And speaking of love, get a load of the finished flower!  Just the thing for the dead of winter.  If this baby doesn't perk you up, check your pulse:

I perched it on a Balmoral Bonnet, which I then perched on a young lady:

It's called "Bonny Wee Bonnet".  I had so much fun making this because it went really fast, and I thought you might like it, too.  CLICK HERE to get the pattern on Ravelry.  Grab some worsted-weight yarn from your stash this weekend and you can have one done in time for Robbie Burns Night (1-25-13).  More delicious than Haggis, and less dangerous than Scotch.  Slainte!