Button Auditions

Campbell fell off his friend's hoverboard last Friday night and has a concussion. He's confined to home with no screens, exercise or deep thoughts until further medical evaluation. Bizarrely, he declined to help me with the following, claiming a lack of interest. Obviously he has sustained some minor brain damage:

Here's the newly finished Jane's Addiction, drying on the blocking board. It's a great time to haul out the button collection and spend some quality time trying out candidates! What laundry/dishes/children-recuperating-from-concussions? My poor sweater is naked!

Contestant group 1: Antique black pressed glass with gold carnival glaze

Really beautiful buttons, but are they too small for the proportions of the sweater?

Contestant group 2: Antique red pressed glass with blue carnival glaze

Contestant group 3: Retro-looking rhinestones my sister picked out

Contestant group 4: Vaguely Nordic pewter. Nice size, a bit more subtle.

These are completely gorgeous. They actually read blue and gold against red.

The proportion is good, and they're pretty sassy. Jane would have loved these.

Contestant group 5: Tyrolean-ish pewter hearts. Sweet. Too sweet?

Okay, Gentle readers: Will you please help me out? Post a comment with a vote for your favorite! Unless you also have a concussion, in which case you are excused.