For a while there last week I actually had to stop knitting and turn my attention to more pressing matters. Lindsay's senior prom happened, for which I had the great good fortune to be selected as her couteriere.

We collaborated closely on the design, beginning with the fabrics. Iridescent pink layered under glittery royal blue creates a color we call "blink". To that we added gobs of embroidery, sprinkled with sparkly beads. We are not savages, after all.

Although basically weightless, the five layers of her skirt contain over 400 linear feet of fabric. When my kid requests a dress that looks like a meringue, by God, a meringue is delivered. Twirly!

Of course, Prom time at our house means no one is safe from beautification. Lindsay made Bailey an outfit of his own from her scraps.

The dashing Coleson arrived, with his chariot all polished and princess-ready.

Did I mention the back of the gown laces up with about six yards of french silk ribbon? 

Dancing shoes? Check.

There was a time when I dressed Lindsay almost exclusively in handmade clothes, because she was too little to get away. Then she got bigger and started to favor concert t-shirts, and later, surgical scrubs. I thought my days of getting to decorate her were over. But she surprised me by letting me do this gown with and for her. Lucky, lucky me.

Before I could blink it was time for them to go. I *may* have choked back a tear.

Fortunately, she left me with a prom date of my own.