The Itch That Must be Scratched

You know how it starts: Sweater Weather has finally returned and you go barreling to the hand knits shelf (trunk, airplane hangar) where all your favorites live and there it isn't. The sweater you'd swear is already in your collection but you never really got around to making. And then you lose all ability to do anything but plan/fantasize/strongarm it into your life.

Right now for me it's an Aran turtleneck. How is it possible that I do not own that sweater yet? The closest I've gotten is this one:

2015's FLAK

2015's FLAK

And a fine specimen it is. So fine, in fact, that it was spirited off to college with Lindsay. Her need was greater than my own, and you know me: I give until it hurts. Also I know she won't mistreat it, after a lifetime of careful tutelage and bodily threats.

But this isn't really the sweater I'm after, anyway. What I want is something more abbreviated, ease-wise. Something cozy without being oven-y. And something with a turtleneck. The same sweater I ask myself for every autumn, which I somehow have not made yet.

Today I have given in to the urge. It only hurts worse if you struggle, after all. I only have two obstacles to overcome: Energy Level and Budget. The energy challenge is that I don't feel like designing my own pattern (insert gasps of disbelief here). I want this thing right now and while I am highly motivated to knit it, my level of urgency precludes the drafting of an original design. Also of course, I'll need yarn. Which is a little thin on the ground for me when it comes to recreational knitting like this. But first thing's first. I have found the perfect pattern!

Find it on Patternfish HERE

I completely love everything about it (weird belt notwithstanding). The only thing I would change is the height of the turtle - I want mine to be long enough to fold over. And the boring caston they chose for the 2 x 2 rib. And the original yarn. And the color. But other than those it's completely perfect. I love the fit, the sleeve/armscye situation, and the neckline shaping. And I'm crazy about the yarnover pointelle action - it's the perfect solution to the overheating problems (curse you, Central Heat) I sometimes experience in winter. I want the cozy cables, but I don't necessarily want to have to stay outside in order to wear them.

So what yarn can I use? It's an approachable gauge of 16 sts per 4"/10 cm, so no problem there. I'd like it to be ivory, or some permutation thereof. And ideally I want it to be a nice firm twist with lots of sproing. Oh and it has to be extremely cheap and available right away because I am having a profound attack of startitis.

I'm looking at you, Yarn Stash. 

I'll report back as soon as I bag the proper quarry. Suggestions, Gentle Readers?