Wanna Knitalong?

So around three (3!) years ago, I started seeing you, Gentle Readers, get interested (and here "get interested" means "physically burst into flame") by Martin Storey's beautiful Roan pattern.

Photo by Peter Christian Christiansen

Photo by Peter Christian Christiansen

Who could blame you? Its chart is truly lovely, and its construction as written poses several meaningful challenges, which is why you brought it to my attention. I took a whack at explaining how I'd hypothetically make it, back in THIS POST.

And then I got on with my silly self, inventing things, imagining things, and generally doing my job playing with string. And those of you brave souls who wanted to, presumably knit your Roans in your own happy ways. Hopefully my suggestions were helpful, or at least thought-provoking.

I never did make my own Roan, because to do so would violate several of my Mary Knitting Rules; to wit:

1.  I'm not allowed to knit somebody else's design, because it would be hard (wrong!) for me to turn another designer's pattern into something I can earn money with. I need to focus my energy on my own original ideas to generate a living.

2.  I really hate v-necks. I know, I know: They are so slimming, and people with short necks (I'm looking at you, Mirror) are vastly improved on an aesthetic, personal and cellular level by wearing them. They just are not my scene. Sue me.

3.  I can't stand open-front (fly-away) cardigans. They represent a perfect missed opportunity to me: No buttons, hooks, ties or closures? No thank you. Why even get out of bed?

4.  Kimono sleeves give me hives. The big open cuffs are too floppy for me to actually use my hands. I have an irrational fear that I will somehow drag one over an open flame.  My stove is electric, so I have no idea how I got this fear, but that's why they call it "irrational", I guess.

So I got away without knitting a Roan of my own for quite some time before the issue came up again.

And then this week I heard from Gentle Reader Alice, who is lovely, and reminds me of Gentle Reader Ginny G, and Sunnipurl (who actually did make a Roan), and all the others of you who mentioned wanting this sweater to me, both publicly and privately. There are many of you who are dying to knit this pattern, and want my help to do it.

Since when did I ever avoid an opportunity to knit something beautiful and challenging? Especially if it would help my friends here on the blog? 

So even though doing so breaks all those Mary Knitting Rules, I'm going to knit a Roan anyway. True, I'll be spending time working on a pattern that I can never sell. But I see it as part of my job to help knitters, and if this is the design that so many of you want, who am I to say that I'll only work with my own patterns? 

I've unofficially proclaimed 2017 my big year of Trying New Things, so in honor of that, here I go: I'm staging a knitalong of the lovely Roan, and I hope you'll join me!

We can all meet up over on Ravelry HERE to introduce ourselves and discuss. I'll post entries here on my progress and the alterations (hacks) I'm planning, and I'll address your concerns as you share them with me. Please post a comment if you'd like to join in!

Next Time: Get ready with pattern and YARN!