Happy Chinese New Year!

The holiday is next Friday, but this is a wrap you'll want to cuddle in all the time! CLICK HERE for the pattern.

Worked in six colors of DK yarn from Dicentra Designs, the wrap finishes up at about 16" wide and 76" long. Just the thing to chase a chill over your favorite turtleneck and jeans, or to cover your shoulders with an elegant evening ensemble. Planning to attend any evening weddings this summer? Here's your project.

Inspired by the classical motifs in antique porcelain, and the delicate hues of water lilies, Chinese Garden is my exploration into the fascinating and elegant world of Chinese art and symbol.

Best of all: The exquisitely talented Lisa of Dicentra Designs (who created all the yarns you see here) has a few kits for sale! That's right: The original kits are only a CLICK away. Don't wait too long though; she only has a few in stock.

Happy New Year!