As I predicted, I ran out of my main color yarn. By exactly seven (7) rounds,



The good news is threefold: 1. More black yarn is on its way. 2. The last 7 rounds of black will be somewhat obscured by their location in the very Disco, busily-patterned yoke.  So if the new dye lots are different, it will (ostensibly) be harder to tell.  3. I have cleverly determined exactly how much yarn is required for this size at this gauge. So you don't have to. You can confidently proceed to knit this size, and all the ones smaller than this, with the amount of yarn I state in the pattern. Everybody making one bigger than this, you're on your own. Just kidding! I promise to get those right, too. Just one more service I provide.

I'm always convinced, when I join the sleeves to a yoke sweater, that the whole thing is way too enormous to fit any human being. Which makes sense, if I use Maths: I have added a further 120 stitches to the carefully-calculated largest point of the torso. It's okay. Being scared (or convinced of failure) is part of the knitting design process. Nobody ever said this sport was for weenies. 

Doesn't it look like a weird peasant blouse? Just sayin.