The Day We Broke Malabrigo (Part 2)

On arriving at the factory, we climbed just short of 100 steps to the upper floor of the building.

Did you know: The word "Malabrigo" translates loosely to "not dressed warmly enough". Isn't that a great name for a yarn company?

The first small group of knitters went directly to the dyeing area to create their own handpainted sock yarn, while the rest of us were turned loose in the warehouse, where we were free to buy anything (!) we saw.

Ever seen a shark feeding frenzy?

 Those are civilized compared to knitters on Malabrigo day.

I was no exception.

Then it was my turn to dye yarn.

A weird selfie with my yarn, which I Later wore for a necklace.

Then we toured the production areas. I love how the master dyer's boots match this batch.

Due to the narrowness and length of the stair flights back to ground level, it wouldn't be safe for us to carry our purchases down ourselves. Here is the massive cart required to haul away our, um, Haul. It took 4 men to get it down the freight elevator and onto the bus, where we were all waiting excitedly for it.

Once back down to earth, we enjoyed a beautiful lunch with the owners of Malabrigo in Montevideo. I've never eaten flowers before! They were delicious.

But not as delicious as diving into a box of yarn.