New Year, New Pirate

You know how it goes: I finished the Dread Pirate Jeffery hat, plopped it on my head just long enough to take a terrible selfie to show you, and gave the hat away.

And THEN tried to write the pattern. Yeah.

Fortunately, my dumb can be used for your smart. I made another hat, and photographed it properly (on someone ELSE's head) which you now can see much better:

This pirate is actually Dread Pirate Jeffery's bother, the Dread Pirate Phillip. He's an easily accessible model, and my dog really likes him. Bailey always notices the minute I grab my camera, and hurries to get into the shot:

NOTE: Bailey would like you to know that yes, he is an actual Scottish Terrier, even if he doesn't look much like it at present. Bailey was lately the unwitting victim of an inexperienced dog groomer (not me!). I frequently reassure him that his beard and dust ruffles will grow back. In the meantime, we are telling him he looks athletic. And sometimes I make him wear coats.

Since Boxing Day, I knitted the (second) hat, wrote the pattern (includes detailed instructions for knitting Latvian Braid and notes on sizing), formatted the chart and graphics and shot the photos. Then I realized that I now have enough work in this pattern that you probably won't mind if I charge a little something for downloads. Inside you'll see credits and links to the original motif chart, too. CLICK HERE for the complete pattern.

I hope you enjoy this one, and please do share photos.