Thinking Pink

I scored 1350 yards of cashmere at Black Sheep Gathering this year. All of it pink.

Pink is not my go-to color, but when it's cashmere, I mean, Hello: Get in my stash! But as I was petting it in the wee hours this morning, a casual glance around the room proved I like pink more than I am aware. All these things were in direct view. All pink.

What would you do, Gentle Readers? Dye it some other hue? Stick with the bubblegum? And while I'm asking, What's a great pattern for 1350 yards of cashmere laceweight?

Sorry for the late lack of posts, by the way - I've been pretty incoherent while adjusting to the night life. I'm starting to feel my new normal, though, so thanks for sticking with me!