Use it in a Sentence

In honor of the brand-new month of May, I'm introducing a new feature, here on the blog. It's called "Totally Real Words We Just Made Up".

We here in the Huff family are all self-styled wordsmiths, so when no currently-available words will work, we often invent a new ones. We started doing this years ago when Phillip decreed that as an Official English Teacher (as certified by his suede elbow patches), he is authorized to make up new words any time he wants. The rest of us decided that we are too, by association.

Some of the words we make up are senseless, inappropriate, or just plain lame. But sometimes they are pretty good. Today's offering is one of those, courtesy of Lindsay:

Feel free to take it out for a spin, and if you come up with any good examples of daily use, please post them in the comments.  You're welcome. Just one more service we provide.