Just Like Ginger

It's one thing to say that you know your knitting inside and out, but quite another to actually DO your knitting inside out.

Enter the magical world of Knitted Lace (different from Lace Knitting: Thanks, English language!). When making knitted lace, increases and decreases happen on every single row. Which means that if you are working flat, you'll be executing half of your sexy lace maneuvers on the wrong side of the work. And they can't just be inside out; they have to also be backwards. But not upside down; unless you are working from the top down, which would give you an aneurysm.

Sometimes it's really easy. To get a K2tog on the right side, you just P2tog on the wrong side. But other times it's brain-hurting, such as when you want a SSK on the right side.  With yarn in front (you are still purling, after all), you have to slip 2 sts as if to knit (re-mounting them), then slip them back to the left needle, then use your right needle to P2tog, but through the back loops (TBL!) which are now mounted weird. And don't get screwed up and do the wrong thing (left-leaning vs. right leaning) on the wrong edge of the lace pattern - I'm still compulsively checking the front of the work to verify which thing to do because I can't seem to internalize the reverse operations.

If I wasn't dyslexic before, I'm pretty sure I am now. 

But even the capricious Knitting Gods have been kind to me in one regard. I worked so many repeats of the pattern in when it was still in the round that I now know it by heart. I just had to add the inside-out dance steps after separating front and back to shape the armholes. And I think I like the armholes, so far, so I've got that going for me.

I'm still worried about running out of yarn (when am I not?), but I was lucky enough to find a knitter on Ravelry who was willing to part with her skein. I have no idea how/if that will work out, since this color had no dye lots (!). Worst case, there will be a noticeable color change somewhere on the back, which I will then have to grow my hair long enough to cover.

You'll only be able to see it when Fred spins me.