It has come to my attention that last week's post about our laundry adventure could be construed as "somewhat hostile" in tone, toward my husband. Specifically, the dogs think I was unfair to him in my retelling of the story, and because I lack any other editing staff, I have to honor their opinion. Geez;  you threaten one spouse's life and all hell breaks loose around here.

By way of reparation, I'd like to list some of Phillip's fine qualities. Also, this way, if he suddenly goes missing, maybe I'll seem less guilty.


Fine Quality #1:   The Way He Humors Me

Generally speaking, Phillip is so laid-back that we sometimes have to check for a pulse. Which is a really useful foil for someone like me (for those who haven't personally met me, I routinely reach 11 on the Spaz-O-Meter). So in many cases where other partners would express annoyance ("OW! I sat on another knitting needle!") or even dismay ("No, you may NOT drag me to another sheep and wool festival!"), Phillip is hardly bothered at all. So easy-going is he, that when I walked away from a highly-paid position in Information Technology to become a starving string artist, his response was: "Cool, Baby. We'll make it work".

I could never do the work I love without his support, so if you think I'm doing a good job, you should really thank him. If you've ever wondered who looks after my kids while I go galavanting off to play with the knitters, it's Phillip. And if you think it might be a challenge to live with someone like me, who has an appalling excess of creative energy, you're right: Just ask Phillip.


Fine Quality #2:  The Sort of Dad He Is

Without question, Phillip Huff is the most engaged, involved, and overall present father I have ever known. There is not so much as a hangnail that escapes his attention, when it comes to his children. When the report is due tommorrow, when the performance is next Wednesday, when the permission slip has to be signed, it's Phillip who remembers and follows through. He's there to drive them to the birthday party (and buy the present beforehand). He's the one who takes them to the big game/rock concert/scout campout. And he's also the one who says "Yes! You should totally invite all your friends over to watch movies this weekend!"  and "Yes! I'd love to chaperone the field trip!" Things my children are learning from him that I could never teach include:

1.  How to relax

2.  How to survive and even enjoy the adolescent social landscape

3.  Math


Fine Quality #3:  He's Gentle and Loving

As a person who moves through life with all the thoughtfulness and subtlety of a stump grinder, I know that God put Phillip in my live to remind me that it's okay to embrace your softer side. He's really good at hugging people (and critters) who don't know they need it yet. He's kind to teenagers who don't deserve it. He's a bottomless barrel of forgiveness and forgetfulness for those who slight him. My husband doesn't need big trucks or power tools to compensate for anything; he's totally secure in his masculinity. So much so that his gentle nature is always available for those of us who need a soft place to land.

Those are just a few of the nice things I wanted to say about my husband of 18 years, in case any of you were afraid I might really wish him ill.

He's just not allowed in the laundry room anymore.