Dreams of Spring

Well, it's finally Spring Vacation for the Family Von Huff. We're heading to the coast for a little break, during which I want to be knitting something new. After all this winter with literally miles of yarn in my lap, I'm ready for something a little lighter. Something with maybe a little lace in it...

I've been hoarding these beauties since a dear friend bought them for me for my birthday. No, I will not tell you which birthday, because you're far to polite to ask. Isn't it gorgeous? Dream in Color Smooshy, in "Plum Paisley".  I have about 900 yds, so whatever I come up with, it won't be very big, no matter what.

I'm leaning toward something camisole-y. Some sort of pretty, vest/tank-like item that looks and feels feminine and hints of warmer days.

What are your favorite sleeveless patterns? Happy Solstice!