I'm Back to the FLAK.  It's so very, very large! I know I've said it before, but I just never can get over how big knitting is when it's spread out flat:

And SO Much of it seems to be sleeves!  Because I normally knit circularly, I don't usually get this perspective on the drop-shoulder silhouette. I hope I'm not in trouble here. The measurements seem OK, and when I drop it over my head, it seems to match up in the right places, so I'm pressing on.  But Geez that's a lot of knitwear.  Anyway, trepidation aside, I'm pleased that the back is now complete. I originally wanted to find some way of continuing the cables down into the ribbing, but when the time came to figure out how, I flinched. I just didn't feel like thinking that hard. Instead, I opted to make my very first twisted rib.  Can you believe it? Knitting my whole life, and never tried a twisted rib before!


I'm pleased with it. The neckline seemed disturbingly huge, so I went ahead and finished it to calm myself down.  I like it; subtle, but just a little different, and it has great body and snap. This is ribbing that will not forget how to do its job.

How's your FLAK going? Or should I say "growing"?